Code of Ethics - DACHSER & FERCAM Italia
Code of Ethics - DACHSER & FERCAM Italia
Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics – DACHSER & FERCAM Italia

DACHSER & FERCAM Italia's code of ethics is an integral part of the company's Organisation and Management Model. The purpose is to always operate within the values of legalityhonesty, health and safety protection, promotion of human capital, environmental protection and sustainable development and responsible profit.

Not only DACHSER & FERCAM Italia 's operators, but also its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, consultants, professionals) undertake to adhere to the values of the Code of Ethics and comply with its rules.

The principles and rules of the Code of Ethics represent DACHSER & FERCAM Italia 's reference values, and they must inspire all conduct by the Company and its directors, managers, employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers. 
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Reporting procedure DACHSER & FERCAM Italia

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